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Buying your pass

To be able to ski you will need to purchase a ski pass, this is a pretty straightforward process. Before the season starts there are normally early bird prices so it’s always worth checking the cost as soon as you’ve confirmed your ski trip. Get those savings in!

Valley Pass vs Resort Pass

There are a few options when it comes to ski passes, with the most popular option to pay for a pass that includes the whole valley, meaning you can ski outside of the resort you’re staying at. The pros of this mean you have access to more slopes, of varying levels, to ski on. Otherwise, you can stick to resort specific passes that are cheaper but more limited in where you can ski.

Insurance on the slopes

Adding insurance to your ski trip – especially when it’s for the full season – is something you need to consider. If an accident happens when you’re on the slopes, or your ski passes are stolen, insurance like Carre Neige is a great cover to ensure all ski-related problems will be covered.

You can buy the Carre Neige insurance at the ski resort’s lift centre.

About us

Fresh Powder was created out of frustration and difficulty in trying to find the most up-to-date and relevant information when it came to booking a ski season in the French Alps.

To help other skiers who are planning to do a ski season – or if you’re just going on holiday – we have collected all the steps you need to take, all the links you need to look at and answered all the pre-season + on season questions you could have to give you an effortless experience!

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