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Living in the Alps

Life in the Alps is pretty unreal! The freedom to ski anytime you want (work schedule pending), exploring the local bars, trying out the best food and meeting new seasonaires are all part of living on season.

While all of it does sound amazing, living a regular life in France can be more difficult with limited living space, budgets to stick by and trying to eat as healthily as possible to counter the alcohol consumption. So to help, we’ve pulled some skiing lifestyle and simple recipes to make your season even more memorable.

About us

Fresh Powder was created out of frustration and difficulty in trying to find the most up-to-date and relevant information when it came to booking a ski season in the French Alps.

To help other skiers who are planning to do a ski season – or if you’re just going on holiday – we have collected all the steps you need to take, all the links you need to look at and answered all the pre-season + on season questions you could have to give you an effortless experience!

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